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  • The project folder must be a Git repository, with a least one commit
  • Dockerfile should be present in the root of the project directory (this can be overridden with flags). The Dockerfile will be used to build the project into a runnable docker image.
  • Kubernetes descriptor files must be located in the k8s folder (only needed for deploy and promote)
  • The k8s folder can also contain custom scripts that should be run during deployment
  • The name of the directory will be used as the name of the application
    • If running in CI, ENV variables will be used to determine the name of the project being built
    • The name can also be overridden using the IMAGE_NAME environment variable
  • The current commit id will be used as docker tag
  • The current branch will be used as docker tag. If you're on the master or main branch the docker image will also be tagged latest. The latest tag will also be pushed in that case.
  • Targets (deployment targets) are configured in .buildtools.yaml file(s)
  • .buildtools.yaml file(s) will be merged together hierarchically and can be used for multiple projects
  • Use Target names to use specific k8s files for different deployment targets