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Configuration and setup is done in .buildtools.yaml file(s). A typical configuration file consists of a registry config and a list of targets to use.

Key Description
registry registry registry to push to
targets targets to deploy to
git git configuration block
gitops git repos to push descriptors to

Note: Multiple files can be used for more advanced usage


The following file specifies a Dockerhub registry and 2 deployment targets: local-test and staging

    namespace: buildtool
    context: docker-desktop
    context: staging-aws-eu-west-1
    namespace: my-test

Configuration file from environment variables

A .buildtools.yaml file can be created by defining an environment variable in the build pipeline named BUILDTOOLS_CONTENT. This can be useful when setting up CI/CD pipelines where the file system is not easily accessible.

On MacOS the value can be created and copied to the clipboard using the following snippet:

$ cat - <<EOF | base64 -w0 | pbcopy
    context: docker-desktop


BUILDTOOLS_CONTENT can be either a base64 encoded string or plain text.

Note: If BUILDTOOLS_CONTENT is set, no other configuration files will be used.

See the following sections for information on how to configure the different parts of the configuration files.