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Deploys the built application to a Kubernetes cluster. Normal usage deploy <target>, but additional flags can be used to override:

Flag Description
--context, -c Use a different context than the one found in configuration
--namespace, -n Use a different namespace than the one found in configuration
--timeout, -t Override the default deployment waiting time for completion (default 2 minutes).
0 means forever, all other values should contain a corresponding time unit (e.g. 1s, 2m, 3h)
--tag Override the default tag to use (instead of the current commit tag or the value from CI)

Default usage, with .buildtools.yaml file

Only the target name has to be specified

$ deploy local

Overriding namespace from config:

$ deploy --namespace test local

Usage without .buildtools.yaml file

In this case we need to at least specify the Kubernetes context to use for deployment:

$ deploy --context docker-desktop

This will set the namespace to default

Specifying namespace:

$ deploy --context docker-desktop --namespace test